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Research, Inquiries, and Resources


Research, Inquiries and Resources

In partnership with many individuals, organisations and institutions, Jenny Dwyer Associates has contributed to a number of significant Inquiries, publications and resources. Our focus is on systemic responses to the needs of traumatised children and young people. We aim to disseminate the learnings from Inquiries and research projects, and to develop resources to guide practice improvements, from the frontline to broader systems.  We have co-authored and conducted many inquiries. Links to reports  and resources that are publicly available are provided below.


Commission for Children and Young People, 2017, The same four walls: inquiry into the use of isolation, separation and lockdowns in the Victorian youth justice system (Melbourne: Commission for Children and Young People). Consultant and contributing author. Link to report

Commission for Children and Young People, 2016, Neither seen nor heard: Inquiry into issues of family violence in child deaths (Melbourne: Commission for Children and Young People,). Led inquiry and co-authored report. Link to report

Commission for Children and Young People, 2012. Connecting Services: Learning from child death inquiries when the co-existing parental characteristics of family violence, substance misuse and mental illness place children at risk.  Contributed to foundational research undertaken for the Victorian Child Death Review Committee in partnership with Berry Street, Odyssey House and La Trobe University. Link to report

Practice resources

  • Dwyer, J. and Miller, R. 2014, Working with families where an adult is violent; Best Interests case practice model, Specialist practice resource, Victorian Government Department of Human Services Link to report

  • Gibbs, J., Dwyer, J. and Vivekananda, K. 2014, Leading Practice: A resource guide for child protection frontline and middle managers, 2nd edition, Department of Human Service. Link to Report

  • Dwyer, J., O’Keefe, J.,Scott, P. and Wilson, L. 2012, Literature Review: A trauma-sensitive approach for children aged 0-8 years, for the Trauma and young children – a caring approach project, Women’s Health Goulburn North East, funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Communities and Indigenous Affairs, 2012 Link to report


  • 2016: NSW Health Standards and Guidelines for Child Protection Counselling Service, Project Consultant and contributing author

  • 2013: Development of an Intensive Therapeutic Unit, Youth Justice, Principal Project Consultant with Berry Street Take Two

  • 2011. Frederico M, Jackson A & Dwyer J. Responding to the co-existence of family violence, parental substance use and parental mental illness: An integrated multi-service system response to the wellbeing and protection of vulnerable children (Office of the Child Safety Commissioner)

  • 2007: Development of the Just Care model; a trauma-informed behavioural management system for young women in custody, (in partnership with Take Two Berry Street).

PhD Dissertation

  • 1999: Dwyer, J. Loss, Trauma and the Familial Ideal. Some Australian women's responses to the incestuous abuse of their children, Thesis submitted in total fulfilment of the requirements of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Social work, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne Link to thesis