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Advocating for the wellbeing of children, young people, and adults.

At Jenny Dwyer Associates we care about the wellbeing of children, young people and adults, and the professionals and organisations who support them.  Our mission is to:

  • Assist families to have respectful and loving relationships

  • Help people of all ages recover from trauma and painful life events

  • Prevent the effects of trauma being passed across generations

  • Support the caring professionals who work with traumatised children and families

  • Help institutions and organisations respond effectively to the needs of traumatised children and young people

  • Promote innovation and best practice


Ana Gomez Australia and New Zealand tour 2018

Ana's tour is now complete, leaving participants asking for more. For future training opportunities on Ana's approach, keep your eye on our website. Individual and group consultation is also available with Jenny Dwyer.   


Areas of Practice

Therapeutic Services

We provide therapeutic services to meet the needs of our clients, whether facing the normal challenges of life, or healing from painful and traumatic experiences.

Training and workshops

We promote innovation and best practice through high quality training.
We can provide training on site for organisations as well as other locations. We are currently in the process of developing web-based training to provide flexibility and accessibility without compromising quality.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a specialist therapy that helps the brain process traumatic experiences.  In 2013 the World Health Organisation recommended EMDR in the treatment of  trauma for adults and children.

Supervision, Consultation and leadership

We have extensive experience in the development of resources and training on leadership, reflective practice and supervision. Our supervision training draws together a number of concepts from neuroscience, attachment theories and leadership, and helps participants apply these in practical ways.


Ana Gomez workshop series

  • Ana's workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand are now finished. The reviews have been outstanding. Watch this space for further opportunities to learn from Ana, and deepen your skills in her approach.

  • Jenny Dwyer will continue her collaboration with Ana, and to promote her approach through individual or group consultation.

Watch this space for our future upcoming events. We aim to bring you the leading presenters and thinkers in EDMR and other approaches to healing trauma.


In partnership with many individuals, organisations and institutions, Jenny Dwyer Associates has contributed to a number of significant inquiries, publications and resources.