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The Rotary Club of Melbourne has generously subsidised workshops on 10, 11, May in Melbourne for Not for Profit Organisations. To qualify for the subsidy, registrants must work full or part time for the service. You must provide your work email address and phone number and contact details of your manager or supervisor  for verification at the time of registration.  

Anna Gomez 18th May

Anna Gomez 18th May

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Presented by Ana Gomez:

Sydney Friday 18th May, 2018- The unexplored magic of the interweave: Reconnecting to the mind, heart and body in the emdr therapy

Basic training in EMDR introduces the cognitive interweave as part of the therapist’s tool box. But the rich possibilities of the Interweave often remain unexplored. When used creatively and skilfully, the interweave can transform EMDR therapy and assist clients as they reconnect to the mind, the heart and the body in fresh and novel ways.


In this masterful workshop, Ana will:

•Identify the many ways Interweaves can transform EMDR therapy

•Explore the history and development of the EMDR interweave and overview some of the models, categories and typologies developed by a number of authors

•Introduce interweaves to modulate arousal, challenge procedural memory, recalibrate the nervous system, challenge the window of tolerance, meet unmet attachment needs, nurture the younger self and the inner family, and complete truncated defences, to name a few

•Provide clear guidelines on how to select interweaves for a variety of purposes

•The masterclass will cover interweaves for children and adults

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