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The Rotary Club of Melbourne has generously subsidised workshops on 10, 11, May in Melbourne for Not for Profit Organisations. To qualify for the subsidy, registrants must work full or part time for the service. You must provide your work email address and phone number and contact details of your manager or supervisor  for verification at the time of registration.  

Ana Gomez 10th May

Ana Gomez 10th May


Ana Gomez:

Melbourne 10th May, 2018- Assessing and intervening in dissociation with children and adolescents


Childhood dissociation is often misunderstood or missed with children and adolescents who have a history of complex trauma. This is particularly true for those in the out-of-home care system and residential care who present with overlapping symptoms and challenging behaviours that can mask dissociation.  Common misunderstandings about how dissociation presents in children and young people add to the difficulty in helping traumatised young people.


Accurate assessment is imperative, since dissociative symptoms can seriously impair the success of treatment, unwittingly cause further trauma, and often lead to placement breakdown. This workshop explains the mechanisms underlying dissociation in children and young people, identifies core symptoms and uses multiple case examples to illustrate concepts.  

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