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Sydney 17th of May, 2018

EMDR and the comprehensive treatment of complex  trauma in children and adolescents

SYDNEY- 17th of May


The workshop will cover:

EMDR therapy provides many creative and transformative possibilities for children and young people suffering the impacts of trauma. However, children with early, chronic relational trauma and wounded attachment systems often miss out on effective therapy.  The defenses they develop, and their negative internal representations of themselves, can make it difficult for therapists to engage them in treatment and attend to their trauma wounds. In this workshop Ana provides hope and confidence in assisting these children though EMDR therapy. She will:

· Highlight the latest research and literature on complex, early attachment trauma; its effect on the body, biological and emotional systems and brain circuitry; and the implications of these for treatment.

· Present creative strategies designed to modulate arousal, maintain dual awareness and a mindful presence, challenge procedural memory, challenge the window of tolerance, meet unmet attachment needs, nurture the younger self and the inner family, complete truncated defenses, and reconnect to the mind, the heart and the body in fresh and novel ways.

Who should attend?

All EMDR therapists who work with children and adolescents will benefit from this workshop. In particular, the creative strategies developed to assist children with complex trauma will add confidence and flexibility in helping these most vulnerable children.


Northside Conference Centre

Cnr Oxley St & Pole Ln,
Crows Nest NSW 2065


Ana Gomez

Ana Gomez

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