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Ana Gomez Australia and New Zealand tour 2018

Creative, Innovative, Confidence-building

Ana Gomez is internationally acclaimed as a child and family therapist, author and presenter.  Her unique and comprehensive model of EMDR therapy draws on the latest research from neuroscience and child development. This is Ana’s first trip to Australia and New Zealand after highly regarded workshops in Europe, Japan, USA, South America and Canada. An opportunity not to be missed.

  • Anna attends to the mind, the heart and the body as she integrates approaches such as play therapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, Theraplay, and Internal Family Systems
  • In this series of workshops Ana provides ideas and strategies that will enhance therapists’ skills, confidence and creativity as they assist their clients to heal the wounds of trauma. Her approach provides innovative, practical strategies for therapists working with children, adolescents, parents and carers. Those working with adults traumatised as children can also benefit.

NOT FOR PROFIT SUBSIDY: The Rotary Club of Melbourne has generously subsidised workshops on 10, 11, May in Melbourne for Not for Profit Organisations. To qualify for the subsidy, registrants must work full or part time for a Not for Profit service. You must provide your work email address and phone number and contact details of your manager or supervisor  for verification at the time of registration.  You must currently work for a Not for Profit organisation. 

NOTE REGISTRATION CATEGORIES for payment: significant savings for early registration

Melbourne - Registrations closed

 Sydney Registration costs:

  • Late registration -  after 18/4/18
    • General $260

Auckland registration costs

  • Early Bird - before 10 March 2018 - $500 AUD
  • Late Registration - after 10 March 2018 - $570 AUD

·      Melbourne 10th May, 2018- Assessing and intervening in dissociation with children and adolescents

·      Melbourne 11th May, 2018- An EMDR attachment- focussed model for children and parents after family violence

·      Melbourne 12th May, 2018- EMDR: Sandtray protocol with children and adults

·      Sydney 17th of May, 2018- Comprehensive treatment of complex  trauma in children and adolescents

·      Sydney 18th of May, 2018- The Unexplored Magic of the EMDR Interweave – for mind, heart and body

·      Auckland (NZ) 24th and 25th of May, 2018- An EMDR attachment - focussed model for children and parents after family violence – 2-day intensive